Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Home Interior.

My usual attempt to decorate my bedroom for Christmas is usually a massive failure, everything falls down, and I get very annoyed so I usually pack it away! However this year my room looks SO good I couldn't not share it with you!

Yes, I finally bought a tree for my room! It's only 3ft but my room isn't the biggest, I also bought the lights to go on it, they were £2 from Asda!! Insane I know! (Also, how amazing is my wrapping paper, I think I'm in love, also from Asda!) 

If you haven't noticed already, I have a slight obsession with fawns, the big fawn in this photo was brown wood originally, but i painted it white to match my dressing table, which I also painted myself! And how cute are my Christmas trees?! They come fully decorated and I think they make my dressing table look so christmassy, these and the fawn were from Casburys Garden Centre, the fawn was £12 and the trees just £2 each.

And finally what I would say is my favourite part of my room, the fairy lights. These usually go on our tree but they didn't match the colour theme this year, how cosy does this picture look? I'm currently led in bed with my tree on, these bad boys on, watching the grinch, and I honestly couldn't feel more Christmassy if I tried!!

How have you decorated for Christmas?! I'd love to see! 


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  1. I actually love your blog I know it isn't christmas but lately I have been loving to read these. keep up your amazing blog I love it


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