Saturday, 2 August 2014

IKEA Purchases

So it's been a while ay! 

Life's decided to take an unexpected turn recently hence the lack of blog posts, but hopefully things should be sorting themselves out now, touch wood anyway! 

Anyway, recently myself and my friend Macauley decided to take a trip to Ikea, we didn't need anything, yet I came out with a fair few things! Surprise surprise..

Big jar; £1.75
Picture Frame; just under £2, not sure exactly! 

Fake flowers; £1 per "bunch", I have 3 here.
Glass Vase; £1

I really love this little jar, filling it with love hearts looks so pretty! I don't plan on eating these! (She says) 

This is probably my favourite buy, the lantern was only £2! So I bought two to go on my bedside tables, the tea lights are also one of my favourite buys, they smell AMAZING! I'm pretty sure they are vanilla! 

I thought id include a picture of how beautiful the lantern looks at night, at £2 you can't go wrong! It makes my room looks and feel so much warmer, and I think it goes well with the "love" ornament and my picture frame! 


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