Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Year, New Hair!

First of all, I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and New Year, I know I did!

My very first post of 2015 if you haven't gathered by the title is about my hair! 
I've always had really long hair, I can remember when I was about 8-9 I had it cut about shoulder length and hated it! So I've kept it long ever since. People always have lots of questions about my hair so I thought why do a blog post about my current hair colour at the moment! 

The picture on the left was my hair before I dyed it, it was a very dark chocolate brown, I actually quite liked it! But as most of us girls will have experienced, I got a bit bored of it. I'd had it ombréd once before, and just put a dark brown over the top. (I got bored of the ombré too surprise surprise!) 

I love how the ombré effect looks on my hair, so I thought why not do it again, (let's see how long I keep it this time shall we?!). So, here it is now;

Believe it or not I actually did this myself, I'm quite impressed to say the least haha!  I half expected it to turn out bright ginger due to bleaching ontop of a box dye brown, but I only bleached it once and it turned out a really nice blonde!:) 

I'm pretty sure I used a B Blonde high lift bleach kit, which was easy enough to use as I managed to this myself. I'd recommend this one as it really is high lift!

Also to top it off it hasn't killed my hair! My hair was in pretty good condition to begin with, but to maintain this I use;

 A Tangle Teezer!
EVERY girl needs to invest in one of these, it's honestly saved my hair from so much damage, I think this is actually the main reason my hair hasn't broken in half! 

A Decent Heat Protectant!
If you don't use one of these ombré hair is a no go, you will basically kill your hair and that will result in no more ombré hair for you haha! I usually spent a pound or two on heat protectant but you get what you pay for essentially, this one was only a couple pound more I think. 

A Deep Conditioner.
This one especially is so so good! Definitely reccomend it, it smells amazing, and leaves my hair so soft. Plus you only have to leave it in for two minutes, which compared to my last one which was a 15 minute leave in conditioner, this is amazing! I only use this on my ends as I don't want overly greasy hair! 

What do you think of the outcome?! I do like the texture the ombré gives my hair, or do you prefer it dark? I think I love both! 


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