Saturday, 22 March 2014

Nail Polish Collection

Hello lovelies:)

I can't actually justify why I have so many nail polishes.. I wish I could, but there is no way anyone could use this many regularly. I always find myself sticking to my favourites, although it's nice to have such a big selection, my friends and family are quite glad too as they like to use a lot of the colours regardless of the brand!

The top shelf are my favourites, and the bottom shelf are the non branded ones, and the ones I don't really use. 
I bought the shelfs from Ebay, I have looked to see if they are still on there but I can't seem to find them, if you're interested in getting them try putting in "black nail polish wall rack", I got mine over a year ago so you may not be able to find them anymore, sorry about that! 

It's taken me quite a while to collect as many as I have done, I've currently got around 122, and will more than likely be getting more as I can't seem to refuse a Boots or Superdrug splurge! 

The BarryM nail polishes are my ultimate favourites, the application is really good, with some only needing one coat! The Gelly ones are always my first choice as they dry so shiny, without a top coat needed, I highly recommend getting some as I can't stop using mine! (I think the quarter empty bottles give that away!)

I'd love to know what your favourite nail polish Brand is, and the colours you would recommend! 



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    1. Thankyou! Thinking about how much money I must have spent on them all kind of ruins it though haha xx

  2. I love Barry M too!! I just picked up two new ones today at boots, they are the silk ones. One in meadow and another in pearl. You have so many!!! You could practically have one colour for each day of the year haha

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