Thursday, 8 October 2015

Get To Know Sophie Jade.

It's been a while since I've sat down and wrote a more personal post, so today shall be the day :)
As I sit with my cup of tea watching the Xtra Factor.. I'm loving the 6 chair challenge at the minute, brutal, but so good! 

Anyway, number 1;

Do you have a middle name?
I do! It's Jade, hence the blog name Sophie Jade.

2. What was your favourite subject in school?
Probably art, I don't know if I was that good at it but y'know, I quite liked it. At it beginning I thought it would be an easy option, but it was actually pretty difficult! 

3. Whats your favourite drink?
Dr Pepper, there was a time when I was pretty addicted to it, I've cut down now though, it can't have been good for me.. but now I would say tea, I lose count of the amount of cups I have a day.

4. Whats your favourite song at the moment?
I have 2 favourite songs at the minute, Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There. and Zara Larsson & MNEK - Never Forget You.

5. What would you name your children?
I love the name Charlie for a boy, and I've always liked Marissa for a girl, but Matt doesn't like it, I think he likes Maia but I'm not so sure on that one! We've both agreed on Charlie though.

6. Do you participate in any sports?
I would love to say I do, but definitely not haha.

7. Whats your favourite book?
I don't read as much as I should, the only books I read now a days are children's stories at work haha. But I read Fault In Our Stars a little while ago. So probably that! 

8. Whats your favourite colour?
Orange! The brighter the better.

9. Whats your favourite animal?
I must be so boring because I don't really have a favourite? I mean I really love dogs, but I love cats too? haha.

10. Whats your favourite perfume?
My all time favourite, which people have actually said is my signature scent because I used to wear it so much, is Alien. It's running out though so I definitely need to repurchase! 

11. Whats your favourite holiday?
Christmas. No hesitation, Christmas.

12. Have you graduated from High School?
I left school in 2012, so yes! :)

13. Have you been out of the country?
I'm really lucky, Ive been on too many holidays to even remember. My dad especially, used to work to save all of his money for us to be able to go abroad, and I'm so thankful, because I know how hard it is to work and save for something so expensive. 

14. Do you speak any other languages?
I did french at GCSE, so I can speak the language, but not fluent. I think if I was stranded in France, I would be alright haha.

15. Do you have any siblings? 
I have an older sister, Kelly, she's 23. 

16. What's your favourite store?
I absolutely love IKEA, and The Range, and basically anything homeware.

17. Whats your favourite restaurant? 
A million percent NANDOSSSS! writing this is making me want a Nandos! 

18. Do you like school?
I hated school, I loved seeing friends, but it was all too bitchy, I hated the lessons, it just wasn't for me at all.

19. Who are some of your favourite Youtubers?
Fabulous Hannah, Zoella, her little crew, haha, too many to tell you really!

20. Whats your favourite movie?
I love childrens films, like the grinch, bambi, snow white, I'm such a big kid. Disney is my absolute favourite! 

21. What are some of your favourite TV shows?
Ive recently completed SCREAM on netflix, I know its not a tv show but its amazing! Seriously watch it, it's about a group of teens and their friends get murdered and they are trying to work out who the killer is. it's actually really jumpy, and the fact the killer wears a shit scary mask, good lorddddd I was terrified to walk round my house haha. It's so so so SO good! If you are going to get anything out of this post, just watch this series. Its amazing. could I big it up anymore?!

22. PC or MAC?
I've only recently converted over to MAC, I have an iPhone and and iPad, so I knew I would love the Mac. So definitely Mac.

23. What phone do you have?
An iPhone 6, it's my baby haha! so sad

24. How tall are you? 
5'6 I think!

25. Any pets?
I have a dog, a cocker spaniel, called Misty! Me and Matt also want a tortoise haha, don't ask! Im pretty sure I've persuaded him.. 

Thankyou so much for reading, I love posts like these, 


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  1. Aww I love cats I'm definitely a cat person :) My favourite perfume is Vanillary from lush <3 I'm the same as you with kids films I can't get enough of Disney hehe :) I really loved finding out more about you :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. me too now! oooh I've never tried that before, what's it like?
      I absolutely love disney, literally can't get enough of it hah. Aw thank you lovely, thats really kind :) xxx

  2. i loved reading more about you:-) christmas is my favourite holiday too, its for sure the best time of the year!:-p xxx

    1. ah thankyou! i adore christmas, definitely my fave time of year! xxx

  3. Aww this was so cute to read! And nothing beats Christmas season haha, but Halloween comes a close second :)

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

    1. literally nothing beats christmas haha, I love it! xxxx

  4. You are such an interesting person♥♥

  5. I don't know any one whose favourite colour is orange. That is pretty awesome! :D

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  6. I LOVE Ikea. Everything about it, the range, the swedish meatballs there, the cute little pre-made bedrooms too! Everyone has been raving about SCREAM I need to start watching it! Love your blog! xx

    1. eeeek me too! I envy the pre made bedrooms, mine will never look as good no matter how hard I try! ah thank you love thats really kind xo

  7. Oo I love this sort of post. Nandos and Ikea are two of my favourites too x

    1. Who doesn't love Nandos?! I'm obsessed xo


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