Friday, 21 March 2014

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

It's that time I dread, cleaning my makeup brushes.

I really, really, don't like cleaning my makeup brushes, mainly because I have far too many, but today only 3 needed cleaning, thank god! These were;

1. Real Techniques - Foundation Brush
2. Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush
3. Real Techniques - Stippling Brush

They were so dirty to begin with, as these three are the brushes I use most, I like to change up the foundation brushes I use, so I could easily use a different one every day! 

I don't really have a certain routine as such, I just use a shampoo and rub the brushes into my hand one at a time, I find if I rub the brush over my knuckles it creates more of a lather, so they become cleaner a lot faster! Which definitely gives me a lot more motivation to clean them more often. 

After they're lovely and clean, I place the brushes onto a towel and celotape them to it, then water is able to drain out of them, although there shouldn't be that much as I try to avoid getting water in the ferrel. 

And this is the end result, clean makeup brushes! :D I'd also like to add that you should definitely try using baby shampoo, it's an inexpensive alternative and works just as well as brush cleaner, if not better!

And yes, I have a towel with my name on it, I have no idea why or how, but I like it a lot! Haha.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, really helpful :) It would be great if you could check out my blog and perhaps follow me on bloglovin?

    1. Ah thankyou!
      I've followed you on bloglovin, loved your post!xx

  2. Wow, using Baby Shampoo is a great tip. I'm definitely going to try it because brush cleaner can be a bit pricey!!

    1. It's surprising how well it works!
      Thankyou for reading lovelyxo


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