Saturday, 29 March 2014

How to: Nail Foils

Oh hiiiii!

If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with doing my nails. I'm always thinking of new designs and for some reason I love doing them, even if it takes me a good while!
I'm definitely not a pro, but I thought id share a few tips with you.

You will need the following; 
- Adhesive 
- Nail Foil
- Nail Polish of choice
- Glitter nail polish, or loose glitter
- Top coat
- Nail prep (optional) 

I used two coloured nail polishes, Models Own scented nail polish in Blueberry Muffin, and BarryM's Foil Effects.

1) To begin with, I prepared my nails by applying my nail prep, this is optional, but nail prep clears your nails of any bacteria and dirt, meaning your nail polish will last longer.

2) I decided to use the foil on two nails, so, I painted all four nails on both hands with the silver BarryM nail paint, as when the foil is applied chances are you may have a few spots where the foil didn't stick to your nail, if there's a polish underneath is isn't as noticeable! Obviously make sure it matches the colour of the foil! 

3) Apply the adhesive to one of the nails, it should look cloudy when wet, and clear when dry.

4) When dry, press the foil into the nail, to help smooth it out you could use a cotton bud, it's important that the foil is as smooth as it can be, as this means there will be less "bald spots"

5) and boooom! There you have your first beautiful foiled nail. 

For my other nails, I used my Models Own polish, and topped this with a loose glitter which I got from Avon. I absolutely love how the foil turned out, in the sun it looks amazing! 

Also don't forget to use a top coat! Just make sure it isn't a fast drying one, as this can affect how the foil looks!



  1. Such a cool idea! defs going to try this

  2. Love this post, I always struggle with using nail foils so hoping this helps :)
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