Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chocolate Brownies & Mint Custard

Oh hiiii!

A bit of a different post from me tonight! As I write this I'm feeling completely stuffed from eating far too many brownies and custard:( but I thought it was far too good to not share with you all!

If you went to school in England, it's highly likely for your school dinner desert you had mint custard and chocolate concrete cake, as soon as I heard "chocolate concrete cake" I had memories flooding back of trying to eat it with a spoon, and it flying across the table! Haha. Other country's may have had this desert too though, let me know if you did! 

Because I loved it so much I decided to make it myself, it was a lot easier than I expected! 

You will need the following ingredients; 

300mls milk.
20grams corn flour.
2tbsp caster sugar. (Not pictured above as I had to do a special trip to get some!)
Peppermint extract.
Green food colouring (optional)

However, if you can't be bothered to make it yourself, you can just use a packet custard, and add hot water, peppermint, and food colouring. It's just as yummy! 

1) You will need to measure 300mls of milk into a jug 

2) In a small bowl mix together the caster sugar and the corn flour and several tablespoons of milk, as this will make a smooth paste, this will make it easier to mix in the next step

3) Put the milk into a pan and add the corn flour and sugar paste, stir well and gradually bring to the boil, you must stir all the time to prevent it burning! You'll know when it's done, as it should coat the back of the spoon.

4) Add the peppermint, add however much you want, different people have different preferences, and add the food colouring. Experiment with this, I think it looks better if it's a light green. 

5) Optional: leave to cool for half an hour, then pour on desired desert.

I decided to have chocolate brownies, I didn't make these, as it was quite late at night, (I had a craving!) so I bought these from Tesco.

It's exactly like the desert I had at school, my all time favourite!


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