Tuesday, 28 April 2020

How To Create A Perfect Lockdown Night In | AD

Goood evening!

As I write this, It's 8pm, and we're into the 4th (maybe 5th, who knows) week of lockdown. At this point its a miracle I even know what time it is because I've definitely lost track of the day, but haven't we all. 

I won't lie, I've found the last few weeks incredible tricky, I've actually been away from work about 6 weeks now due to personal reasons, so I've lost all understanding of what it feels like to get up every morning and go to work. My life has been a mixture of trying to stay motivated whilst also embracing the extra time I have, and taking much needed time out for myself.

So with that, I wanted to share with you the 3 things I do of an evening to ensure I switch off, and really make the most of my time.

1) One of the main things for me is the right setting. Its been surprisingly warm in the UK recently so I've spent a lot of time in the garden. I have fab garden furniture so this definitely helps, I'll also grab a few cosy blankets and I'm good to go.

2) The perfect loungewear. It's absolutely no good for me to be chilling out in jeans. I won't lie I'm usually a pyjama person, however recently I've been scanning the web for loungewear that looks as comfortable as pyjamas, but If I also needed to pop out to Tesco for snacks it would be fully acceptable to wear them, you know? Ive found a really affordable website called Femme Luxe which have basically solved my loungewear situation overnight. I opted for 2 pieces, the first of which is my absolute FAVOURITE.
Its a cropped 2 piece in the colour stone, I wasn't sure if the colour would suit me but I absolutely LOVE it. I'm wearing a size S/M which is an 8-10, You can find this specific set here. The second thing I opted for was a comfy pair of joggers. I didn't own a single pair before these which is madness I know, I used to wear Matts, so I like them slightly oversized. I chose these khaki joggers purely because they looked slightly bigger & I looooved the colour. Also, can confirm they are the comfiest things ever. You can find the exact ones I'm wearing below, here. A cosy night in without cosy lounge wear just isn't right, no?

3) The final thing I'll do before I settle down for the night, Is pop the kettle on, make myself a strong cuppa, find something bingeworthy on Neflix & pop it on my macbook, Too Hot To Handle if we're being specific, & put my phone away. Yep, you read correctly, admittedly I won't do this for the entire evening, but a good hour and half of my time will be spent purely watching a good series. How often do we watch tele but scroll on our phones, when I do this I find my minds not really in it & I'm really distracted. 

& that's it, everything I do to wind down after a busy day in lockdown with my 2 year old. How are you finding it? Are you managing to squeeze in any time for yourself?

I'm always here for a chat should you need it,

lotsa love, Soph x 

*loungewear pieces mentioned were gifted for review, as always opinions are my own and 100% genuine & honest*

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