Saturday, 8 October 2016

6 Things I Love About Blogging.

Blogging has recently become my absolute favourite thing to do in my spare time. Admittedly, Ive not always been a consistent blogger, Id get frustrated a lot of the time because I felt I was shit at it. However I think after almost 3 years of blogging, Ive improved an awful lot and now feel a lot more confident with my posts. Any spare moment I get now Im on here typing away; my posts may not always be too interesting to some people but it's something for me to look back on in years to come. Which I think will be quite lovely. 

The Things I Love About Blogging. 

How your blog looks really doesn't affect how interested people will be in your posts. This is something I've noticed a lot recently. Im definitely not the most technical, artistic person you'll ever meet, Ive no idea how to tweak my html, or how to make my blog look super fancy. For a long time now how my blog looked really got me down, but it honestly doesn't matter how your blog looks, Ive found if people like you, and enjoy what you're putting out there, the look of your blog really doesn't matter. It's whats your saying that people will appreciate. 

Ive met some lovely people through doing this. Ive made friends that are actually, a lot more supportive than some of my 'real life friends'. I think that's because we all have a love of the same thing, so more of an understanding of why I possibly had to buy that Mac lipstick when I already own another 8 of them. The people in my comments are so super lovely, and as a blogger you really do appreciate when someone takes a moment out of their day to comment on a post that you worked so hard on. I love it.

I can be as honest as I want to be and no one judges me. Ive written about things on here before that are super personal, it helps me a lot to get things out of my system, and often  I find that I basically just need a bit of reassurance or an unbiased opinion on something. 

I can write how I choose to. This is kind of a big one for me because when I first started my blog I didn't really see anyone who's posts were just them being themselves. I mean, like I write how I would chat to a friend, I'm definitely not formal in the slightest, for a long time I was trying to be like a lot of other people, using words I didn't properly understand & making sure my grammar was perfect. Now I kinda just don't care, apart from checking for spelling mistakes and the odd capital letter, I don't edit out any words, It makes my blog more personal and more of a reflection of me. Someone emailed me yesterday actually and said "I love the way you write" which made me SO happy! 

If I buy too many lipsticks and my boyfriend starts to question it by saying "you don't need any more so why are you buying that one?" I can say; "because I have to do a blog post based on this.. yada yada yada" and before you know it he's switched off and replying with "ok ok" because he doesn't understand the blogging world and just wants me to shut up immediately. *pops new lipstick into basket guilt free*

My blog encourages me to take more photos, in turn creating more memories to look back on. Which is 100% true, if I didn't have a blog I wouldn't be documenting my photos, they'd all be sat on a hard drive waiting for the day they get looked at again. You'll all know Instagram is also my absolute fave too. & without both of these, I wouldn't be able to chat to people who love the same things as me, which is my most favourite thing about blogging.

Lotsa Love, Soph xo

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  1. i love this and agree with you on all of these:) i'm clueless when it comes to html and all of that stuff haha. lovely post:) x

    1. im so bad! i really should take a lesson but i probably couldn't get my head around it all! xx

  2. I love this little list! Blogging is my favourite thing to do and agree that I take pictures of moments I wouldn't capture without a blog ❤️ Lily Lea

    1. ah thank you lovely! I've documented so many memories because of it <3

  3. Love this! I think I need to create a post like this soon! All of your points I totally agree with and I do really like the way you write because it makes each post more personal as we get to see a glimpse of your personality :) xo

    Char |

    1. please do!! I find them so interesting! xxx

  4. Lovely post! No 5 was definitely my favourite - I've been guilty of that more than once! x

  5. hehe i like to think of excuses ;) xx


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