Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nail Polish: New Purchases

Did I really need to buy any more nail polishes? No. Could I stop myself? No. I'm beginning to accept I may have a slight problem, with the amount of nail polishes I have.. I now have about 312, yeah, I still can't justify that, I don't use all of them obviously, but for some reason if I see a colour I like I just buy them all! It's bad I know.. 

But these two are amazing, and I love BarryM, I bought Pink Sapphire a good few months ago, but I never used it for some reason, probably because I have to many to choose from *sighs*, but I honestly can't stop using it now, even though it's a pain remove! You also get a good coverage too, without having to dab all the time like some glitter polishes, if you haven't got it, you really need to go and buy it! And I find it looks so pretty with the pink I bought! (Dragon) 

Dragon was a bit of a random buy for me and I don't usually wear pinks, but I love the Gelly range and the fact the polish has a slight shimmer to it made it 10x prettier in my eyes. (I was also made to but this so my mum could use it, she is also obsessed!) haha.

I've also recently seen the new pastel collection BarryM have brought out, so once again it looks like I may need to take a trip into boots.. I must stop. One day. Soon maybe.. Probably never, haha!


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