Friday, 12 August 2016

H&M Lipsticks: Sakura

I am so obsessed with buying new lipsticks at the moment, I really don't need any more as I have too many already! However I headed into H&M the other day and picked up Sakura for £7.99 to add to my collection.

 Who even knew H&M did makeup? Not me! I was seriously impressed by everything they had to offer, from lipstick, to nail varnish, they had basically everything, and the colours are super pretty. At £7.99 I couldn't resist trying this lipstick, the packaging alone swayed me if I'm completely honest.. who isn't a sucker for anything gold?! amazing.

The shade itself is so so bright in person, it's not quite doing it justice in photos. For someone that rarely wears pinks, this was a bit of a shock to the system haha! I don't think I would apply this so it's 100% opaque, that scared me a little, I looked in the mirror and thought woah there okay, maybe I should pat this down a little bit! But I'm sure if you are used to wearing pinks, this won't bother you. Im actually more of a red/orange kinda girl.

The quality of the lipstick is amazing, it's so smooth and feels as if it's melting when you apply it because it's so soft and doesn't drag across your lips. Im yet to wear this throughout a full day, however as soon as I do I will be sure to let you know how well it lasts.

Have you ever tried any of the lipsticks from H&M? 
Do let me know!

Lotsa Love,

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  1. Looks like a great shade and it really suits you :) I seriously need to check out the H&M makeup range xo

    Char |

    1. ah thank you, Im still not so sure if it suits me though haha. yes!! you definitely do! xx

  2. this looks like such a lovely shade! i'm yet to try H&M's makeup but i've heard a lot of good things about it:) xx

  3. This shade looks really nice! Perfect for the summer! It also look amazing on you!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

    1. ah thank you so much, I'm still not sure haha xx

  4. I have yet to try and makeup form H&M, but i really want to! The shade is so pretty and i love the gold packaging!


    1. the packaging is beaut isn't it?! so pretty x


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