Saturday, 21 March 2015

Who Even is Sophie Jade?

Why helloooo!

I've been reading a lot of 'get to know me' posts recently, being quite a nosey person I like finding out new things about people and their lives, (is this a good thing? I'm not so sure!) 

So I thought I would treat your little selves to a post which shall hopefully enlighten you on how boring my life is! I'm really not joking.. I'm very boring hah, and 'treat' is a bit ambitious haha! 
But in all seriousness you guys don't actually know that much about me?! 

1) My full name is Sophie Jade Cullen

2) I absolutely hate being called Sophie, almost everyone calls me Soph, when I was little my nan and dad called me Sophie Jade which I didn't mind, so now it reminds me of the best days/memories! 

3) I went to your average secondary school, got average grades, then went on to an average college.. I could've done so much better with exams and things but, I didn't push myself which I regret a lot now!

4) I'm a fully qualified Nursery Nurse, I can care for children aged 0-19 and I absolutely love it, it's very rewarding!

5) I currently work in a forest school nursery, which involves playing in mud and spending most of our day outdoors, it's lovely. 

6) I have an older sister Kelly, and an Older brother Ian.

7) My best best best friend in the whooooole world is a lovely chap called Mac, we've been best friends since we were ickle dinky dots in playgroup.

8) I'm a very argumentative person, if I think I'm right it's highly unlikely I'll back down, oopsie!

9) I don't trust easily, ive lost count of the amount of times I've said "and this is why I only trust myself" I'll never learn! 

10) I'm incredibly loyal to those that mean a lot to me, and I'm very appreciative of all they do for me.

11) I used to own pet monkeys! And they lived in a huuuge cage in our garden, they were called Mollie and Charlie and were very cute :) 

12) I prefer eating cold meals to hot ones.. Like I would happily cook a meal, then let it go cold, then eat it, I'm weird, really weird!

13) Haribo is my addiction 

14) Strawberrys are my addiction

15) I am in love with my Kate Moss 107 lipstick!

16) I am petrified of anything that flies, that being bugs, toy helicopters, things being thrown through the air, I don't even know ahaha, I just hate it! 

17) The Missing on ITV finale was a very traumatic time in my life! Haha 

18) Talking of ITV, that means I live in England, Radstock to be precise! 

19) I eat too much Dominos

20) I'm a really fussy eater, I'll stick to the same thing, and it will always be as plain as possible. I'm very boring! 

So there you go, a little insite on my ever so boring life! Haha!

I'd love to know a little more about you, leave me a comment telling me a few facts about yourself, because yknow.. I'm a tad nosey! 

lots of love x


  1. Just found your blog and am loving it! And yeees Haribo! I love Tangfastics haha I could eat them all the time!
    Check out my blog if you've got time :) thaaanks! <3 xx

    1. I do eat them all the time.. It's becoming a problem! Haha, literally just spent the past hour having a good read of your blog, it's lovely! Xx

  2. So fun to learn more about you! Love these kind of posts.

  3. Hey babe, how are you?
    Lovely blog, great post though, following you..
    I've only just started blogging.
    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Anyway have a good day!
    Kisses xXx

  4. Love these posts, guess I'm a little nosey too haha!


  5. I HATE being called I opted for Sophie....but now that I'm almost 30 I feel like Sophie is a little childish. But I still hate Sophia. hahaha. So confused :P

    Cute blog!


    Sophie |


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