Monday, 7 April 2014

Product Review: Soap & Glory - Love At First Blush

Oh hiiiii!

Quite recently I'd been looking for a new blush, I wanted one that complimented my skin tone, I'm quite tanned but my face is very pale! So I wanted one that wasn't too pink, or too dark, and Soap and Glory's love at first blush is the perfect blush for me! 

Ok so it does have a slight bit of bright pink in it, but it also has a bronzed darker pink, I know these are the things I said I didn't want, but this blush also has two shimmer sections, wish makes the blush a lot less harsh, and adds a natural shine. I think I might be in love.. It's gorgeous! 

It's also highly pigmented! You really don't need a lot, less is definitely more with this blush! When I first bought it I made the mistake of putting loads on my brush, as it looked as if there was hardly any on there.. Believe me, even if it looks like there isn't, there really is! I've had this blush since well before Christmas 2013, it's very long lasting and I'd really recommend it.

However I'm not too sure how much it is on it's own, I bought the blush in a set with Solar Powder and Glow All Out, I can't imagine it would be too pricey!


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  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster award!


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